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The market for recyclable cups without a lid is growing

The market for recyclable cups without a lid is growing

The market for recyclable cups without a lid is growing

After Unocup, which was developed by New York designers after a crowdfunding campaign, a new product has just appeared on the British market: the ButterflyCup.

The conclusion is the same. Each year, 8.5 million tonnes of plastic are found in the world's oceans. In the UK, figures show 5,000 cups of coffee thrown away every minute, or 2.5 billion cups of coffee every year, while only 1 in 400 is recycled.

This is why ButterflyCup was launched in the United Kingdom at the beginning of December 2020. The product is also available in around twenty countries today.

Folding game

After Unocup, ButterflyCup presents itself as the most ecological disposable cup in the world. Most cups today are not recycled due to their plastic liner and separate plastic lid.

Today only 14% of the packaging produced is correctly collected and therefore recycled", recalls ButterflyCup on its website.

 As of January 1, 2020, straws and similar single-use plastic items such as hot drink caps are banned.

The design of the ButterflyCup cup makes the use of these obsolete. Indeed, its innovative folding takes the form of two beaks; forming an eco-friendly lid that makes it easy to drink anywhere. »

A cup to recycle

Unlike traditional take-out cups, Unocup and ButterflyCup contain no plastic laminate and, most importantly, due to their one-piece design, eliminate the need for a plastic lid. A clever folding game solves the problem.

The disposable cup to take away without a lid can thus be recycled in the bin reserved for paper, where paper and cardboard are normally thrown away. The mug naturally biodegrades and can be composted.


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