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The Best Brands of Strong Coffees

Looking for more than the average dose of coffee? Check out these brands!

Of course, we like our coffee strong and aromatic. Morning coffee gets us out of bed and ready for the day. But what is the strongest coffee in the world? The strength of the coffee depends on the amount of caffeine it contains.

A typical cup of filter coffee contains about 90 milligrams of caffeine. In a cup of espresso, which many consider stronger, there is even less caffeine than in a regular cup of coffee. However, if you compare the amount of drinks, espresso contains more caffeine than regular filter coffee.

There are specialty coffee vendors who sell their coffee with more than double the caffeine found in traditionally roasted beans. Thus, a cup of coffee from this strong coffee maker contains a significantly higher amount of caffeine and is therefore only for real caffeine addicts.

What are the strongest coffees in the world?

Six coffee suppliers aim to produce the world's strongest coffe.. Death Wish Coffee, Black Insomnia Coffee, Banned Coffee, Biohazard Coffee, Shock Coffee, and Killer Coffee provide the needed extra boost and boost to start the day

Death Wish Cafe

The Death Wish coffee developed by Mike Brown comes from the United States.. The powerful effect of one of the strongest coffees in the world is already underlined by the product name and the dark black packaging with a white skull on it.

According to the manufacturer, 100 milliliters of Death Wish coffee contains 151 mg of caffeine, which is approximately 200% more caffeine than in normal filter coffee. Therefore, a cup of strong coffee is not necessarily harmful to the human body , it should not exceed two cups so as not to exceed the maximum recommended daily dose of caffeine.

Forbidden coffee

The first competitor to Death Wish coffee is Banned Coffee from French manufacturer Terri Rossi. He and two of his colleagues tasted coffee. When one of the guests suggested that the coffee was so strong that it should be banned, the name of this contender for the strongest coffee in the world was born. With 237 milligrams of caffeine per 100 milliliters, the caffeine content is significantly higher than that of Death Wish coffee.

Black insomnia coffee

Due to the amount of caffeine it contains, it is the strongest coffee in the world: black insomnia coffee.. With 702 milligrams of caffeine per cup, it's not entirely harmless. Swiss lab tester and inventor Sean Kristafo created the coffee with beans and roasters .According to news from South Africa, Death Wish Coffee and Banned Coffee are fighting for the title of the world's strongest coffee. It has not yet been proven that the high caffeine content is purely natural..

Shock Coffee

This coffee is considered by many coffee lovers to be the brand that invented the strong coffee trend; the brand does not mention caffeine on its packaging, its coffee which is a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans is claimed to be twice as strong as regular roasts..

Biohazard coffee

Dramatic name, dramatic values: "Biohazard" is the name of this New York coffee blend which, when brewed with 250 milliliters of water, contains 457.8 milligrams of caffeine!

killer coffee

This coffee is made from arabica beans - comes from Australia. The brand is proud to have found the strongest Arabica coffee beans, which traditionally contain less caffeine than Robusta coffee beans. A 250-milliliter cup of "killer" coffee contains 430 milligrams of caffeine - a value that is already above the daily caffeine consumption recommendation.

Considering the amount of caffeine that Black Insomnia coffee contains, it is probably the strongest coffee in the world.. However, it remains to be seen whether the caffeine dose in the coffee was also produced purely naturally.

What does caffeine do in our bodies?

Coffee is now proven to promote health rather than damage it, as has long been assumed and even propagated. If you consume coffee in moderation as recommended, caffeine also contributes significantly to your health..

Caffeine has now been shown to increase endurance and reaction time, and improve short-term memory, stimulates the central nervous system, makes tired people alive, activity muscle is activated, which also has a positive effect on the heart.

When you drink coffee in a healthy way, it reduces the incidence of heart disease and heart attacks. It also reduces gallstones.. Caffeine is said to clean the arteries. Studies show these effects


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