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Why are coffee pods so popular?

When the first coffee pods (and the machines that use them) entered the market two decades ago, it was seen as something new. Not only are coffee capsules an entirely new concept, but they have also been a somewhat exclusive commodity. As were the machines needed to use it.

Today, tens of millions of people worldwide rely on it for 100% Nespresso capsules and machines. 
They simply cannot imagine going back to an era when Nespresso capsules did not exist. This is, even though others will tell you that unless you brew a cup of coffee by scratching the old-fashioned way, it's simply not a real cup of coffee.

Granted, the ceremony of brewing a fresh cup of coffee the traditional way is part of the fun. Moreover, traditional brewing methods open the door to limitless experiences. But this does not detract from the popularity of coffee capsules.

So, why is these Nespresso capsules and similar coffee capsules such a huge success? What do Nespresso capsules offer that transcends the traditional approach to brewing coffee?

1) No skill included

If you simply can't be bothered by learning the ins and outs of expert coffee brewing, Nespresso capsules could be right on your street. The idea is that instead of getting bogged down in the science of how it all works, you can simply toss a capsule in the machine and let it take care of things for you.

2) Fresh coffee with every cup

One of the most important rules when it comes to making quality coffee is to keep the coffee beans and ground coffee as fresh as possible. Or in other words, use only the exact amount you need at the exact time you need it. This is exactly how high-quality Nespresso capsules work - each unit is airtight, with the seal breaking at the moment of use. It all ensures incredible freshness with every cup.

3) Less mess to clean

Some of the most popular methods of brewing coffee are usually surprisingly messy. The more equipment you need, the longer it will take to clear things out when the mission is over. Not the end of the world, but a headache that can nevertheless be avoided by using quality coffee capsules. In most coffee capsule machines, the capsule is removed and placed in the relevant recycling container and you are ready to brew your next cup.

4) A variety of options

Last but not least, working with coffee pods no longer means having to accept just a handful of generic coffees. Quite the opposite - there are thousands of different types of coffee available in capsule form. Some of them are manufactured using the most incredible specialty coffee on the market. So if it's been a while since you pulled out the newest coffee pods, you can get a pleasant surprise!

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